Hourly Counsel

For clients who want financial advice and counsel but do not choose our financial planning process, we offer financial consultation on an hourly basis.

Real Time Planning Session

This service is designed to address one or two of your most pressing financial issues or questions in a single meeting.  We will get together for a couple of hours to discuss your situation, then we will follow up with a written summary that includes what was discussed and any recommendations that we made.  In some cases we will provide additional analysis or research after the meeting that will be included in our summary.  This option is ideal for younger people just getting started, or folks that have a couple of areas of concern that they would like to review to see if they are on the right track.  There is a set fee for this service.

As-needed Hourly Counsel

In some cases, people need financial advice purely by the hour.  Often, this is for clients who have recently engaged us for financial planning or a real-time planning session and have some follow-up questions or need assistance in implementing the recommendations made.  This service is also available for planning projects in which financial advice is needed on a sporadic basis or where the number of hours needed can not be projected.