Retirement Income Planning

Planning for retirement (or planning how to stay retired) is perhaps the greatest financial concern for most people. As as been said, there are no scholarships for retirement!  Planning for the day when the paychecks stop can seem overwhelming, but we can help you understand what kind of retirement you can expect and what you need to do to get there. Carl has developed and implemented retirement plans for hundreds of people during his career, helping them feel more confident about their retirement years.

Some of the retirement planning areas reviewed include:

  • Maximization of Social Security benefits
  • Identifying level of budgeted expenses in retirement to achieve desired lifestyle
  • Analysis of pension payout options (annuity vs. lump sum, survivor benefit options, when to take benefits, etc.)
  • Retirement account distribution strategies
  • Retirement location considerations (state taxes, local cost of living, etc.)
  • Retirement plan savings target and allocation of retirement plan investments
  • Strategies to minimize income taxes in retirement
  • Insurance needs and options in retirement (long-term care, life insurance, etc.)