Investment Advice

Emerick Financial Planning will analyze your investments and make recommendations for specific investment vehicles that fit your overall financial plan and personal risk tolerance. Since we do not receive commissions or other fees from investment companies, we are free to recommend the investments that are in your best interest.

We can provide advice regarding the following types of investments and accounts:

  • Stocks
  • Bonds
  • Mutual Funds
  • Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)
  • Certificates of Deposit (CDs)
  • Brokerage Accounts
  • Employer Retirement Accounts (401k, 403b, TSA, etc.)
  • Individual Retirement Accounts (Traditional IRA, Roth IRA, etc.)
  • Variable Annuity sub-accounts

If requested, we will assist you in making the investment changes in your existing accounts or help establish and utilize new accounts where appropriate.

Also, at your request we will meet with you periodically to review your investment portfolio and help make changes as needed.